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XPLR website revamped

November 29th, 2008
The new XPLR website

The new XPLR website

The website for XPLR has had a much needed make-over. I hope you like the new design. Check it out for yourself at http://www.xplr-club.com.  Next item on the agenda is putting together our portfolio. Putting all the bits in one document should be a good way to celebrate our one year anniversary! I get a little nostalgic going through all the pictures that we’ve taken the past year and remembering all the trips and the good people.  I took the time to put some numbers to our accomplishments. This past year more than 1000 pictures has been uploaded to our flickr group, more than 20 photo rides have been undertaken, and over 60 miles has been covered. We’ve had two gallery parties. They were attended by about a hundred people and we now have 60 members on our yahoo group. Number of XPLR’ers that moved out of Philly? Too many! I miss all of you.

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