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DJ Excel

September 28th, 2008

Sosena and I went for our last shoot in the sneaker culture series and captured DJ Excel at his house in North Philly two weeks ago. Since I just bought two speedlite flashes I was eager to experiment with my new equipment. I have long been a fan of David Hobby, whose philosophy is to use small portables flashes. So inspired by his shots I set out to create some dramatic lighting with harsh shadows. I used two lights, one behind the subject to create a rim light around his head and separate him from the background, as well a light up and to the right of me on a light stand. With a snoot I’m able to tunnel the light of the second flash toward his head or upper part of his body. Perhaps I went a bit overboard with the lighting contrast but overall I’m pretty happy with the results. Special thanks to Sancha who let me use her as a model to calibrate my lighting.

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