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Reflecting on how much easier it is to take a panorama compared to 10 years ago

May 26th, 2019

2400 Chestnut pano3cropped
This photo was taken circa 2007 in Philadelphia, PA. Back then digital photography was still becoming popular and panoramas weren’t as easy as a rotating your phone. This is a combination of HDR (blending 3 photos with 3 different exposures taken from the same position) and panaroma (stitching together photos from 10 different positions) for a total of 30 images combined into one image. From setting up a tripod, pressing the shutter on my DSLR, stitching the images together using Autopano Pro software and tuning the HDR it was about 8 hours worth of work. An oldie but still one of my more favorite panoramas I’ve taken and symbolizing a previous chapter in my life. Thanks friends and city of Philadelphia for all the adventures and life lessons. Some of you I take with me on my journey, parts of you I sadly must leave behind.

To a new chapter in Pacifica, CA. My new skyline going forward. This image took about 5 seconds to make with a single click and sweeping across the landscape with my phone.
Pacifica Skyline

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