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June 7th, 2009

This Ukranian is a die hard regular at XPLR. I mean literally die hard. A couple weeks ago Pogo was rushing to class on his bike and got “doored”, broke his collar bone and now has a chunk of titanium in his left shoulder. And still this guy shows up at our photo rides.

I don’t know what he does in photoshop or with his camera but his photos always come out with beautiful colors. They are out-of-this-world good! See for yourself at www.photoetic.com.

In the photo below, the blue light from the windows on the right and a flash from the left makes for very dramatic shadows and separates Pogo from the background.

I particularly like this portrait of Pogo (Evgeny Pogorelov) because much of his style and aesthetic is about interesting color. I like to think this picture with the contrast in light and dark and in particular with the difference in colour of the two light sources hints at his approach to photography. It’s quite fun, perhaps a little ironic, photographing other photographers.

Strobist info:
A Canon flash 430EX handheld from the left zoomed all the way in, no gel. Power at 1/32? I forget. A natural softbox is provided by the blue tinted windows.

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