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Sole: the underground world of sneaker culture

August 25th, 2008

I’ve been helping my friend Sosena with her documentary on underground sneaker culture in Philadelphia by doing the photography for her. You can find more about her work here. I haven’t gotten to see the whole movie yet but I heard it’s awesome. See trailer on the right. My photos here. She’s had a couple of screenings, one of them at ubiq where it got rave reviews. I got to meet some pretty cool people that way with the funniest stories. People that own hundreds of pairs of sneakers and collect them in their basement, all in pristine condition wrapped up in boxes. I loved Brian’s stories who owns Sneakervilla and used to design at Puma. Vans made him a special edition pair to get married in. He has an even better story on how he coughed up the money for the ring. Read more about that here

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