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Secret Beer Garden

August 9th, 2008
Enjoying our well deserved pitchers of beer and beef jerky

Enjoying our well deserved beers and beef jerky

My friend Sue told me about this secret beer garden out on Mount Tamalpais. To keep this place unspoiled by tourists they don’t advertise, they make it hard to find and worse, you can’t call ahead or look up whether it is open or not. You just kinda have to go there and find out. Since it’s secret and hard to find, of course I had to go there. So I rounded up a crew and off we were on a bike ride over Golden Gate Bridge, through Sausalito, then a 740ft. uphill climb on Mount Tamalpais, and this whole time we’re not even sure whether this place will be open or not. A good 3 hours of pedaling later we manage to find it! Beer never tasted this good. Where is this magical place you might ask? Well… I’m letting that remain a secret.

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